Dog Daycare


The Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare Kensington is different than other dog day care in the North Bethesda, Bethesda,Potomac and surrounding areas.  Your dog will be able to play indoors with X Grass Turf potty yard. Unlike a  dog park  Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare Kensington is supervised and shot records are validated.  Our dog daycare hours are from 6am to 9pm every day of the week (we do not shorten the day care hours on weekends like some day cares).    Our dog daycare attendants are there to interact with your dogs and take care of their every need.  We have several divisions in our dog daycare so we can safey accomodate various sizes and personalities and temperaments.  Our dog daycare attendants are trained to watch and monitor  behaviors that are appropriate and inappropriate for dog group play.   When you send your dog to Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare Kensington, you will get to view them via our webcams.

Reasons to send your dog to daycare:

Dogs are social beings and love being with people and other dogs.  Being left alone in the house without people all day long leads to an unhappy dog with a lot of pent up energy: physically they have not been challenged and haven’t been exercised properly,and mentally they’re bored .  When a dog is bored, undesirable behaviors will crop up i.e., destructive chewing, barking, excessive licking and chewing on themselves, digging up flooring, etc.

Mental and physical stimulation is extremely important to your dog’s well being.  You can have a dog walker come in for a 15 or 30 minute walk, it is not enough time to allow your dog to burn off their energy and have appropriate exercise and socialization.  The cost for the service is $15-35 per walk.  Average dog daycare rate is around $30 for 6am-9pm and lower if you purchase daycare package.  When you send your dog to our dog daycare your dog will have human and fellow dog companionship all day long.  When you pick your dog up from Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare Kensington they are on the same page as their owner tired, ready to hang out and settle in for the evening after a fun active day with their friends and happy to be home with their family.

New Clients Only:  Let us treat you to a FREE DAY OF  DOG DAYCARE on your first visit!

FAQ Dog Daycare

Regular Dog Daycare 

Your dog will be playing with others their own size and similar temperament. Regular Dog Daycare hours are everyday between 6am-9pm (we offer full and partial daycare services on the weekend!).

Packages1st Dog Price2nd Dog Price
Single Day$34.00$31.00
5 Day Package$165.00$150.00
10 Day Package$320.00$290.00
20 Day Package$620.00$560.00
Unlimted Month$510.00$450.00


***Unlimited month is 7 days of daycare for 30 days and the package expires 30 days after issuance.

***Regular Dog Daycare packages expire after 2 months and there are no refunds.

*** Packages are prepaid and multiple dogs must live at the same address to qualify for multiple dog rate.



Partial Day Dog Daycare

Paw Print (under 3hrs.): $18.00 1st dog / $16.00 2nd dog
Tail Wags (under 6 hrs.) $27.00 1st dog / $24.00  2nd dog




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