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Course Requirements and Description                              Fee – $179.95

A 5 lesson course designed for dogs 6 months of age or has completed any other level of training.  The primary objective of this course is to have fun and enjoy learning how your dog learns.

Proof of vaccination and immunization inoculations is required before bringing your puppy to class.  Training will require the use of a standard buckle collar and a 4 or 6 foot leash.  Training collars are not required but may be used.  Collars should be adjusted to allow only two fingers to slip under the collar.

All lessons will be one hour in length.  If for any reason you are unable to attend a particular lesson, make up lessons will be available, space permitting.  Family participation is expected and encouraged.  Access to the training area is not permitted once a lesson has begun and while class is in session.  The use of cell phones during class is strongly discouraged.  All cell phones ringers should be turned off during class.  Weather permitting certain exercises will be conducted in our fenced training grounds.  Upon completion of all lessons and course requirements a certificate of achievement will be awarded.

Subjects covered include: Behaviors taught:
·         Motivating your dog ·         Using paws
·         Rewards ·         Roll over/head down/crawl
·         Training Equipment ·         The shell game
·         Safety ·         Balance & hold it
·         Patience & practice ·         Over & through
·         Proper handling skills ·         Right & left turn


A question and answer session is provided following the coverage of the lesson material.

For your comfort, class size will be maintained between 8 to 10 dogs.


Class Registration

If you would like to sign-up your four-legged friend for one of the Training Courses, you must be a registered client of Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare. If you have not registered yet, click here to the New Client Page. After vaccination records have been verified and course fees have been paid, your dog will be ready for class! If you have questions regarding Class Registration, you may call our office at (301) 217-0010 or e-mail us at If you have specific details regarding Course Material, you may e-mail the Trainer, Al Marx, at

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