Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare Rockville was just recognized in the July 2013 issue of Washingtonian magazine as the Best of Best for Dog Grooming , and Daycare and Boarding. Dog grooming and baths always include ear cleaning and  nail trimming.  Our dog groomer has a special way with little dogs. Our large walk-in shower allows us to bathe dogs of all size and we use spa shampoos and conditioners.  Our dog bathing system is hydro therapeutic for your dog’s skin and coat.  If you wish to see how much dog grooming costs just look it up in our price list under the Grooming section of our website.  So if you are ready to give your dog a spa treatment just call us or book the appointment online. We are here for your dog care needs.

FAQ Dog Grooming


Dog Baths and Brush Out                                                                              Dog Bath Prices

Professional bath based on coat type includes  bath, blow dry treatment, full brush out, and nail and ear care package. Tearless shampoo is used to ensure no harmful irritants affect the sensitive areas of the pet’s face.  We also use an eye wash as part of the bath, to flush out any eye discharge or airborne irritants such as hair or dust.

Dog Grooming                                                                                                 Dog Grooming Prices

Includes all of the above services present in the first stage of the groom process.  Your pet will be groomed based on the breed standard or your own personalized needs.  We can also style your mixed breed and give him/her their own personalized flair.


Additional services

Clipping services                                                                                                                              

Trim in front of eyes                                                                                                   $5

Trim rear if clean                                                                                                         $5

Trim feet & pads                                                                                                         $10


Nail and Ear Care

Ears Cleaned                                                                                                                  $5

Ears Plucked                                                                                                                  $15

Toe Nails Clipped                                                                                                          $12

Toe Nails Ground                                                                                                          $16



Toothbrushing                                                                                                                $12


Coat Treatments

De-Skunking                                                                                                                    $30

Stain Removal                                                                                                                $15.00 – $30.00

Professional whitening treatment to remove biological and naturally occurring stains from tear discharge, urine, food, etc.  Brightens and renews the natural brilliance and clarity to your pet’s coat and restores the color to white and light-colored coats.


Furminator Shed-Less Treatment                                                                              $15.00 – $30.00

  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC                        
  • ALL-NATURAL                                               

This one of a kind treatment is formulated  to minimize shedding, when used as directed.  Designed for double-coated and excessively shedding breeds.  The patented, super-conditioning formula has a two-part system. First, it encourages the release of undercoat and dead coat.  Second, it fortifies and nourishes the hair shaft to strengthen the coat and minimize future shedding.  Results are seen in the very first use.  The treatment is a supplement to the bathing and brushing portion of any groom service.  

Note:  Not intended for all coat types. Please consult our stylist to see if it can benefit your pet’s coat type.


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Voted Best of Bethesda

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Dog Training Dog Daycare Kensington Dog Boarding Kensington Dog Boarding Kensington Arts and Crafts Dog Videos

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Dog Training Dog Daycare Kensington Dog Boarding Kensington Dog Boarding Kensington Arts and Crafts Dog Videos

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